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We are delighted to be open again, doing what we love offering outdoor programmes for guests in spectacular Strathspey locations.

The health and safety of our clients and staff  is a priority, and our events are planned accordingly operating within current guidelines.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any queries.

We hope to welcome you to this area of great natural beauty in the heart of malt whisky country soon.





Trout fishing

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So once you’ve got your trout,  here is the best skinning and filleting technique I have ever seen, and it works! I tried it out yesterday on a couple of the rainbows caught in the trout pond.


New arrivals

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Happy to take delivery of these beautiful Rainbow Trout at the pond at Corglass, especially it gave me the chance to get out my great 6- piece Patridge Travel rod for the first time this summer. With 5 casts 3 trout!!! Happy days!!!

Taking aim

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Corglass is a superb location for target achery, so why not release your inner “Robin Hood”. Archery is a fast growing sport which really captures the imagination as it is fascinating, inclusive and accessible. This low impact sport is safe and suitable for all ages and abilities. We teach using low poundage re-curve bows.



“Pimp my Palava”

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We have Gumotex Palava, inflatable  canoes at Sporting Scotland because we find them to be the most versatile canoes on the market. However, we have reached a stage when battling against wind and currents in an inflatable is sometimes more challenge than we want to take on. After some research we came across “Pimp my Palava”, which we hope to replicate. We are looking at a different engine, electric outboard and there will more on that soon. In the meantime, this is an amazing innovation with a 1000Km trip down the Danube from Vienna to the Iron Gate.

Mountain Equipment, Karakorum Mountain Trousers

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“These durable hardshell are the first choice of mountain guides, ski instructors and many other outdoor professionals.”  In the torrential rains here in Moray on the back of Hurricane Bertha I can confirm that they are the best waterproof trousers I ever had. no water gets through even after hours out in heavy rain… In winter I use them also for skiing, ski mountaineering and climbing.

Getting ahead !

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After re-stocking the trout pond, it was a relief to complete another fishing event  for Chivas Brothers guests from Turkey before the supreme fisher hits again. Within a week of re-stocking, the otter has picked up the scent from the hill stream flowing through the pond down to the Allt Arder and River Spey. A sighting of the otter on the hill road up to Corglass confirms he’s on his way. This extraordinary predator will clear the trout stock within days!


An honoured guest!

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We have a beautiful barn owl roosting in the archery stand out on the moor, so it was exciting to hold this handsome bird during a tailored event with North East Falconery at Corglass.  John Berry gave a spectacular flying display again of birds of prey from UK, Europe and around the world including owls, falcons, hawks and eagles, during which he invited our guest to participate, so they could experience first hand how the birds behave and feel close up.

A visit to John and his birds Huntly Falconery Centre is highly recommended if you are visiting the North-East.

The March Hare

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Now the hares are racing around Corglass.

Just wanted to recommend this brilliant piece of nature writing:

The Running Hare, the secret life of farmland by John Lewis Stempel

Corglass – Sporting Scotland HQ

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March 2018 – a good snowfall at last ….