Sporting Scotland specialises in offering enjoyable and motivating outdoor events, which are tailored to meet your particular requirements. We have been established event consultants and operators in Scotland for over twenty years and can direct your event’s focus to hospitality, challenge, team building or product promotion as required.

Our ideal position on Speyside in the Scottish Highlands enables you to enjoy events in some of Scotland’s most scenic landscape and high quality venues. We are also located in the heart of malt whisky country, so your customised event can be uniquely combined with tastings and tours of one or more of the world’s most famous Speyside malt whisky distilleries.

Whether you would like an event for a private party or a corporate group here on Speyside or elsewhere in Scotland, for an afternoon or over a few days, Sporting Scotland has the expertise to offer you a customised program and an ultimate experience.

Multi-Activity Events

Multi-Activity Events are one of our most popular forms of outdoor entertainment. Teams rotate through a selection of activities such as 4 x 4 and argo driving, clay and target shooting and archery. The events can be run competitively as team challenges or purely for enjoyment.

Depending on group size each activity takes up to an hour. Multi-Activity Events at Sporting Scotland’s  two spectacular sites have weather shelters for each activity and facilities for refreshments. Sporting Scotland provides barbecues and picnic lunches of locally sourced produce on request. The bases are positioned within 5- 20 minutes of some of Scotland’s most famous malt whisky distilleries, so tours and whisky tasting can be organised to compliment an event.

Sporting Scotland outfits and operates Multi-Activity Days at other equally scenic venues throughout the country and organises both transport and accommodation.

Hospitality Events

A Multi-Activity Event, a River Multi-Activity Day or a Highland Games Event  in an outstandingly, scenic setting are all popular choices for outdoor entertainment.

On Speyside, events followed by a barbecue of locally sourced produce at our highland bothy are in demand in the spring and summer months. Our  location in the heart of malt whisky country, enables us to offer the unique combination of an event with a whisky tour or tasting.

Smaller groups can experience an unconventional journey down the River Spey by canoe or raft to distilleries, where a warming dram will be waiting.  Sporting Scotland also organises Fishing or Falconry Days in prime locations for these sports and provides picnic hampers of local delicacies on request.

River Multi-Activity Days

River Multi-Activity Days are much in demand during the summer; often canoeing on the River Spey or River Findhorn and canyoning are combined for competitive Team Challenge Events. Canoeing on the River Spey is also a enjoyable choice for a Hospitality Event combined with a visit to one of the distilleries closely.

Highland Games Events

The Highland Games Event is often selected by our international clients, as an introduction to a traditional, Scottish sporting event. The activities are demonstrated by highland games athletes, who then instruct in disciplines including caber tossing, weight for distance, hammer throw, tug of war, throwing the “Haggis” and barrel rolling races.

Team Building/Challenge Events

Our team building/challenge events often take a multi-discipline approach to include a selection of activities chosen from either our multi-activity, adventure activity or survival programmes.

Typically, an adventure team building event includes activities such as gorging, orienteering, and canoeing and a multi-activity event challenge programme includes clay shooting, archery, 4×4 and argo driving.

Our mountain leader team deliver survival programmes, for a day or over 2 nights in which participants gain an insight into basic to advanced survival skills depending on the event duration. Activities include shelter building, orienteering, food sourcing and fire building. First overnight is in a bivouac with the option of a highland bothy and second overnight is a luxury stay in a country house or castle.

Our events enable people to learn new skills and put them into practice in enjoyable and exciting activities, which develop morale, communication and team spirit. In our experience, the most effective team building is centred around group challenge, where solutions are found in teamwork reliant on creativity, trust and support.  Participants recognise team and leadership strengths through group assessment and evaluate their relevance to the work environment.


Sporting Scotland also provides Multi-Activity Events, River Multi-Activity Days and Adventure Activities for private parties, stag and hen celebrations at our highland bothy all year round. Our  location in the heart of malt whisky country, enables us to offer the unique combination of an event with a whisky tour or tasting.

Product Promotion Events

Sporting Scotland has designed events and outfitted for brand and new product launches for several companies, which included photographic and video promotion.


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