2018 – The Year of the Compost Toilet

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My eye fell on an article in this Saturdays’s Times, 31.5.2008 titled “Angel” about the Sunrise Festival – “the only UK festival to use 100% renewable energy” and composting toilets. According to the sunrisecelebration.com web site, “2008 is the Year of the Compost Toilet”.

Well, it might be the only festival using 100% renewable energy, but not the only one using composting toilets. Sporting Scotland has been using them for the past 3 years with really good client response and feedback, in so far as one gets a comment where toilets are concerned. We have one site solely serviced by composting toilets and by the middle of this year our second site will have the same green facilities, which will be a small but valuable contribution to the environment as no run-offs or soak-away pits are needed.

Incidentally, Sporting Scotland has the exclusive dealership in the UK for this particular composting toilet, Made in Finland. We are marketing estates and adventure companies with our eco toilet. The only point of discussion remains a name to operate under – Great Outdoor Bogs or Sporting Loos!

I am not sure whether to write this article under Gear and Books, as I imagine that there is a limited need for our readers to purchase one of these, but who knows.