Cameras and Torches

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Camera – OLYMPUS µ 790 SW
Being interested and keeping up-to – date on the equipment side of adventure, we bought a small digital camera a few months ago. With the vast amount of these cameras on offer, it was difficult to pick the right one, but we found one that had all the features we needed and was – above all – waterproof. It was always a hassle on river trips, during fishing or canyoning to get good pictures, as most of time the camera was safely stored away in waterproof bags or containers – by the time the camera was out – the good photo opportunity was gone!

The OLYMPUS µ 790 SW is great for this kind of outdoor activity; it will survive snowstorms with sub-zero temperatures, heavy rains and will even take pictures under water – all this has been tested by us – especially in heavy rain, as one of our clients left the camera out over night in torrential rain at some abseiling place. It was a good feeling to know that the camera would be OK – it was! It claims to survive drops of 1 1/2 meters. This is one feature we haven’t put to the test yet. The camera also performed very well on our last safari in Tanzania with plenty of dust, which was removed everyday by washing the camera under running water. A slight minus point is the limited battery life of about 150 – 200 exposures, but with the prices for batteries coming down all the time we always carry a spare battery – in the case of the Olympus, a very small one.

When asked what makes for a good torch, the answer surely must be that it works under any circumstances and after a long time being stored away. This is probably the most common failure of torches – not being used for a long time and at that critical moment when one needs one the battery is down. Petzl has come out with a new head torch called e+lite, an extremely small and light head torch with several settings from dim light over bright light to a white and red flashing light. The life of the 2 Lithium Ion batteries is stated as 10 years on stand-by. We only have the torch since December so we cannot comment on that, but will come back with the result in 2017. The torch comes in its own waterproof canister and each car or backpack should have one.